Thursday, March 27, 2014


There are so many promises that are in the Word of God.  Honestly, I've not read through the entire bible yet.  I'm working on that.  I have also never read the book of Malachi.  But my lands I am in love with this verse. 

I had a meeting with a couple of wonderfully amazing ladies the other night and as I was talking with them, one of them says to me " I feel like God is giving me this scripture for you." We had to look it up, because Malachi isn't just one of those books that most people memorize scripture from.  It's not a Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Genesis, Proverbs, or Psalms.  It almost seems obscure at times.  But man oh man there is some good stuff in there.  I guess I should tell you that this is a picture of something that I had told them that I was looking for.  It's a really long story, and maybe one day I'll share it, but it's still quite a lot to wrap my head around right now.

Will you read through your bible with me this year and discover some of the wonderful promises our Savior has for you?

This is the one I am currently using and am loving it.  It does readings from the old, new and Psalms and Proverbs every day.  To me it keeps things from getting boring.  Because, let's be honest....some of the Old Testament can be a little dry.  
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