Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Walgreens Tonight

Ok so I needed some formula for the baby so I figured a way to get it pretty cheap. If you read my last blog you'll know that I got a $5.00 RR from the cashier the last time I was in. WOOHOO!!!! So I got another coupon for the Sambucol and here's how I did:
1 can Enfimil Lipil 13.49
1 Glade Lasting Impressions 7.99
1 Sambucol 10.99
1 Thingamijig candy bar (filler) .69
Total 33.16 + tax
5.00 RR
4.00 mfg Q for Glade 4.00 ESC glade
10.00 ESC Sambucol 4.00 mfg Sambucol
Total after taxes 8.72 (tax was 2.56)
I was pretty excited...DH was too! I think he's starting to get that it's a good thing for me to like coupons!

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