Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hoping for a good deal

I'm hoping I can head out to Walgreens in the morning to do the Huggies deal. We are almost completely out of wipes and this would be a great way to stock up on some. I'm thinking if I do 2 transactions I should be doing pretty good.
Transaction 1
2 natural fit diapers $20
1 gentle care wipes $6
-2 $3.00 natural fit Q
- 1 $5.00 gentle care Q
I also have a 10.00 RR and a 3.50 RR so I'm thinking I will use the 10.00 on this one and save the 3.50 for a Dove deal in between the 2 Huggies deals
Transaction 2
4 dove soaps
4 dove trial size deo
get a 10.00 RR
-3.50 RR and a 1.50/2 dove Q should only have to pay a couple bucks on this one
Transaction 3
5 gentle care wipes $30.00
-3 $5.00 Q
15.00 - 10 RR from dove deal
$5.00 OOP
Let me know if these sound good to you or if you think I should change something around. Let me know how you do tomorrow!

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