Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Few of My Sewing Projects

I have been on a sewing/crafting kick lately.  And when I say kick, I really mean obsession.  When I was little I can remember sitting in the living room floor with my Nanny helping her piece a quilt, crochet a rag rug, watching her sew clothes for me or my dolls. She was always doing something crafty. I watched her a lot but don't remember really getting many "lessons" from her.  How I wish I had paid more attention. 

Mom and dad gave me a sewing machine several years ago for Christmas per my request.  After I received it I made a few pillows, some curtains and a few other things here and there. Last year I made my families Christmas stockings, which I wasn't really all that happy with but they worked.

I didn't know much about sewing/cutting around corners (our stockings have no toes!) and I didn't really know anything about how to do the hanging ribbons nor the top hems.  I want to make new ones this year since I halfway know what I'm doing. These were from some fabric I had on hand but this year I want to do some a little more season appropriate.  We'll see.
I've been working hard to teach myself how to use the machine and how to do different techniques.  Last week I made my daughter a slouchy tote bag from one of her old hoodies.

There are a few things (like the top hem) that I'm not pleased with but I should have done that before I sewed the hems up the side on this one to make it a little easier.  Sweatshirt material isn't really the easiest to work with.  Oh, well.  I'll get better the more I practice.  Today I made a couple things.  I attempted my first applique`, which wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be, but I will definitely need a LOT more practice!!!! This shirt looks neon green but it's actually about the same color yellow as the dots in the applique` fabric.  Darn crappy cell phone pictures ;)

Then I made a cute little pincushion to strap to my sewing machine, because I'm always afraid my tiny little pin case is going to spill when I'm pulling pins out of whatever it is I'm sewing and they are going to spill all over the floor!

This was just a little scrap of fabric I had left over from the stockings last year, and is tied on with a ribbon. I'm already loving it!!! So convenient. And then I made a grocery bag holder.  We always have them strung everywhere and I'm so tired of having them all over the place, stuffed here and there and usually getting in my way when I need something.  So, I finally made one! We had one at our house when I was younger and it was nice to just be able to go over grab one and go.  I think it turned out pretty darn good if I do say so myself! I'm going to be making a few more of these, so I might make a quick tutorial for you all.  It's so easy, it's ridiculous!

I've got a few more projects planned that I won't be able to post until after Christmas, just in case any of my family reads my ramblings, but there will be a few Christmas decorating projects that I'll be posting here and there! So watch out for those :)  Happy sewing!!!

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