Friday, September 28, 2012

More reasons I love my husband

I told you there would be more reasons that I love my husband. I didn't want you to have to spend hours on end reading one post about why I love him. So I'm breaking it up and plan on making it a series. If you missed the last post you can read it here. Here are just a few more reasons why I love the man I call my husband.

He downloads music he doesn't like just so I can have it. If you know my husband at all you know this is a huge deal. He is a huge music afficiando. There are several bands/musicians that I had never even heard of until he and I started dating. But, most of what I like he doesn't like (mainly country), however, over the last 8 years he has learned to appreciate my music as well. He made me a few mixed tapes (my car didn't have a cd player) while we were dating so I would have what he called great music to listen to. He also came up with the soundtrack that was played at our wedding (I approved of it first) :)

He tells me I'm beautiful nearly every day. He has always done this. It means more now to me over the last year than it ever has. Since I was diagnosed with Alopecia (read more about that here) he has been so supportive and makes sure to let me know that no matter what I look like he will always find me beautiful because it's what is on the inside that makes him love me.

He takes over.  When I'm overwhelmed or feeling defeated or whatever, he makes me stop, sit and fixes me a glass of ice cold water and tells me to just sit there for a while and not to worry about whatever is bothering me.  He then takes over whatever task had me feeling defeated and finishes it.  Maybe not always the way I would have done it but it gets done none the less and I am always grateful for that.

He never fails to make me laugh. I can be in the absolute worst mood and he will find some sort of way to make me smile and/or laugh.  But he also knows the times when I don't want to laugh and will just be there to comfort, console, listen, or whatever he knows I need at that time.

When he sings, he sounds like the lead singer from one of my favorite bands.  Poor guy (just like me) can't carry a tune otherwise but if he's singing along with Crash Test Dummies it's awesome!  And never fails to send chills down my spine and make me smile :)
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