Sunday, October 28, 2012

I'm in love with Pinterest!

Don't tell my husband though! I have been surfing Pinterest the last week or so while I've been laid up sick and have found so many amazing and easy projects.  I know this is not something surprising to most of you and I have done several Pinterest projects in the past but here lately the crafting bug has bit me and bit hard.

Yesterday I made a bib for a friend who will be having a baby soon (I can't wait to meet this little guy!!) It was my first time sewing sharp curves so it didn't come out exactly like I wanted but I have some time to work on this!  I had cut a pair of jeans off for Brooke and used the cut off part for the denim and the backing is from a receiving blanket that Brooke had when she was little.  This blanket has special meaning for me.  I found out I was pregnant in December of 2007 and had a few issues.  On Christmas Eve we got a phone call that everything was fine and my mom got me this blanket and a few other baby things for Christmas that year.  It was the very first thing she bought for Brooke.

My mom thought of my friend as her other daughter so I know she would be proud to see me making something for her baby boy that she had put thought into for her baby girl :)

Like I said there is still some practicing I need to do for this one but I think if I can bang out a few more then it'll be no problem. I used the pattern found here for this one.

I also made a pair of sleep shorts that was going to be for Brooke but I measured wrong so they were a wee bit small....but seriously the easiest way ever to make a pair of pants and I will definitely be making more! This tutorial is amazing!

This afternoon I made a short sleeve shirt into a long sleeved one.  I found this blog where she takes socks and makes them arm warmers, but I thought I would try sewing the socks onto the sleeves so she wouldn't lose them.  Because I know she would!!! It was so simple and took maybe 10 minutes just because I was going slow to keep my stitches straight and pinning the socks to the sleeves took a little bit, because I used a ton of pins to make sure they stayed put.  But Brooke loves her new-ish shirt!

Hopefully I can get her to take it off soon so she can wear it to school tomorrow!

What are some of your favorite Pinterest projects that you've done?

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